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Sumo Suits pack a big punch with party goers!

The Sumo Suits are perfect for company picnics, graduation parties and other special events. A real crowd pleaser!!

Fits most people aged 10 to adult.Safety mat included.


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Rent Sumo Suits for your next party, church or school activity, or corporate team building event. It is sure to be a hit! Hilarious and fun for those who participate in the event and also for those who just want to be spectators.

Anyone age 10 to adult who is in good physical health can participate in this event. This rental includes two fully-padded, heavy duty sumo suits, a pair of sumo hair-styled helmets, mittens for both wrestlers, and a 14 foot x 14 foot wrestling mat. You can hold this event anywhere you have enough space for the wrestling mat. We recommend one spotter for each wrestler regardless of having enough space or being on grass or carpet.

Preparing for the Match

We recommend that you have the wrestlers dress in a separate room from your audience. This creates more excitement when they come out, and gives you a chance to explain the rules. To dress the wrestlers, you will need at least one person to help each wrestler get into the suit.

Here is what they do: Gyoji (referee) introduces participants

by holding the fan over each head (not provided) and saying the name of the wrestler. Wrestlers move to opposite sides of the ring and show their strength to each other by grunting, growling, clapping, and stomping. Gyoji starts the match by dropping the fan and yelling SUMO! A winner is declared when one wrestler knocks his opponent out of the ring or off their feet. If time allows you may want to run a best of 3 matches.

Determining the Winner

To win a Sumo Wrestling match you must force your opponent out of the ring or off their feet. If any part of the body other than the feet touches the mat, a winner is declared. If either opponent steps out of the ring at any time, a winner is declared.

Legal Moves

Belly Bumping (most productive method) Pushing Pulling Lifting Having Fun Laughing at your opponent

Illegal Moves

Clutching Grabbing Stepping out of the way of a charging wrestler Jumping onto your opponent if he/she is off th eir feet

This equipment requires a credit card as a security deposit for seriously damaged, lost, or stolen equipment and also requires someone 18 years or older willing to sign a waiver form that holds that person liable for someone injured while participating in the event.

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